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Ageplay is a type of Role-playing in which a person pretends to be an age other than their current biological age. While ageplay consisting of the s-type of being an elderly person exists, more common forms include roleplaying in the forms of infantilism, littles or adolescents.

The d-type, if one is present as part of a Power exchange dynamic, often plays the role of a specialized kind of caretaker, parental figure, or other elder authority figure sometimes called a Big.

Some ageplay is purely regressive; while the person is in role, nothing that wouldn't happen with a real minor occurs. Other ageplay might include sex or sexual play, such as erotic spanking, and incest or pedophilia fantasies.

Common Practices

Ageplay practices can and do vary widely, though the following themes are generally closely associated with ageplay:

Infantilism and Caretakers

Infantilism and caretakers represent an elaborate form of regression play that allows a fantasy in which the bottom will represent an age roughly of that of an infant, while the top will provide duties associated with caretaking.

Littles and Bigs

Teens and parental figures


Ageplay is often regarded as edgeplay, because it may be reminiscent of real-life incest or pedophilia. Proponents point out that ageplay is a consensual fantasy played out by adults and does not involve any actual minors. Ageplay is not always viewed as a form of fantasy role-play as some prefer to think of their ageplay practices as part of their core identity or the foundation of their relationships.