Energy Play

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Energy play is a subjective emotional practice that frequently is said to have spiritual and transcendental connotations. Generally speaking the top will seek to stimulate a response from the bottom without the use of physical touch, though specific experiences may vary wildly.

Energy play is frequently said to include techniques of: muscle-tension/relaxation, hormonal or sensory stimulation through touch or imagination, emotional self programming, Endorphin manipulation through SM techniques to produce a chemical high, repetition, slight of hand/confusion, hypnosis and stress techniques to create a suggestible state for the willing, and use of cold reading and interrogation techniques. Some claim use of techniques that include more esoteric notions that include energy field projection, chakra manipulation and similar notions.

Best Practices

Science studies the statistically significant aspects that help us generalize, spirituality embraces the statistically irrelevant aspects that make us individuals. Skeptical Scientific research shows absolutely no physical evidence of any "spiritual" energy fields that exist outside of typically understood and measurable forces.