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Skull and crossbones.png Edge play is dangerous; do not try this at home! Skull and crossbones.png

Knifeplay is generally a form of fear play, sensation play and light medical play if it involves making scratches and abrasions, though generally speaking knifeplay does not involve branding or cutting unless it is explicitly discussed as part of negotiations.

Knifeplay often involves moving a blade across sensitive portions of the skin, threatening safety with a knife, clothing removal with a knife and minor scratches and abrasions that might result from light pressing the blade to the skin.

Best Practices

  • Discuss the topics of edge play and RACK, as well as the potential for marks and minor cuts.
  • Discuss if knives are a psychological trigger, or if touching a specific area with a knife is a psychological trigger, or if menacing with a knife is a psychological trigger.
  • Discuss if either possesses any Bloodborne Pathogens or STIs.
  • Discuss if the scene is intended to incorporate advanced techniques such as cold, heat, fire, electricity, cutting, branding, scarification and similar.
  • Equipment is cleaned, sanitized and laid out in a safe manner so that it won't accidentally cut or impale someone during an accidental fall.
  • If this is the first time the bottom has experienced knife play, test their reactions with the blindfold and bondage technique before utilizing a sharp edge on their skin.


  • Butterfly Flourish the butterfly flourish
  • Blindfold and bondage
  • One sided blade
  • Chilled metal
  • Electrified Metal
  • Electrified Blade
  • Heated Blade
  • Pyro Blade
  • Threatening Whisper