Pain Processing

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Pain Processing is the ability to translate harsh physical sensations into pleasurable and/or tolerable experiences. This skill is predominantly used by masochists during SM impact play, but may be used in other scenarios as well, such as finding joy in humiliation and other forms of play. Please note that masochism and SM play is not a requirement for all power exchange relationships.

Factors Affecting Base Pain Tolerance

  • Intention to Process
  • Physical Endurance
  • Nerve Damage and Pain Threshold
  • Gender: According to scientific studies [1], males on average demonstrate a greater ability to process pain. Reasons for this are speculated but not confirmed by scientific rigor.
  • Age
  • Culture
  • Biological and Neurological Health
  • Repeated Exposure
  • Passive and Active Support

Techniques for Pain Processing

Many people will find a desire to understand pain processing techniques from both the bottom and the top perspective, so as to not cut short and otherwise enjoyable scene.

Physical Processing Techniques for Bottoms

Mental Processing Techniques Bottoms

Tips for Tops