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A “Slave Petition” is a term descriptive of all procedures related to a slave's actions in order to find a suitable Master to serve, just as an application process or procedure when trying to find employment.

A “Slave Petition” may or may not start with a “cover letter”, a “resume”, may or may not continue with an “interview”, and may or may not lead to a slave “begging”, “earning”, or being “offered” a Master's collar and/or slave contract.

A “Slave Petition” is, what a slave makes of it and largely what they choose to present will have a big impact on the Master's decision process. The initial part of a “Slave Petition” such as a cover letter, resume or initial interview, is as little binding as sending a job application, cover letter or resume to a potential employer.

Best Practices

Suggested pieces to include for a petition include specifics about:

  • The slave's levels of experience and interest with slaving, service, SM, and other related topics.
  • Special skill sets and resources the slave can offer to the Master.
  • Include medical reports that are thorough and complete, have a focus on STI's if sexual conduct is expected as part of the dynamic, as well as any medical limitations/anomalies/requirements and psychiatric history.
  • Include any current boundaries and realistic limitations of the slave. Saying that the slave has no limits usually means the slave is likely vastly underestimating the imagination of the Master they would serve.
  • Why does the slave want to serve this particular Master? It is important to be very specific and be sure to include sustainable reasons to desire to serve.
  • Include a description of the slave as it sees itself at present (physically, mentally, emotionally) and why the Master might consider choosing this slave for service.