The People of Kink

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The People of Kink podcast is a project that started out as an educational program, and has become a recording of the oral history of the kink community, one member’s personal story at a time.

The only thing each of our stories has in common is a deep interest in kink. We’ve talked to educators, Pros, those who started munches back in the dark days, to people who jumped in a year ago and have been trying everything they can find. We’re collecting interviews from every perspective we can find, from everywhere in the world we can get an interview.

Each of our interviews captures an individual experience. Maybe you can relate, maybe it will introduce you to your new favorite thing, maybe something that seemed truly fucked up will make a little more sense.

A new episode is uploaded every Sunday.

It’s not about us, it’s about you, the people of kink.


Connect with us on our FetLife Group.