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The page was a giant mess. I can't leave stuff like that up. If you're going to start a page you can't leave it like that. There are a lot of people reviewing the site right now that prevent me from wanting to leave up poor presentation.

If something is going to go up it has to be at least legible from the time it is posted. Further there are enough trolls that spam the site that make anything left like that to be questionable, and when someone comes in from the outside without following standard procedures as outlined in the wiki help area it is suspicious activity.

I don't waste time on trolls, I delete them. If you need more help outside of the wiki help page, then please join our fetlife group and there are people there that will help guide you. --Admin (talk) 00:52, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

If you would like to help, doing small edits first as outlined in the wiki help area is best. The current article is not legible. Rest assured there will eventually be an article on anal sex, however, the current version you put up is not acceptable.

Please stick to small edits. If you'd like to post an article, please post it in the FL group first for editing. Your topic will be covered, eventually in great depth, but it can't be represented in an illegible fashion.

Please limit your edits to small, helpful ones for now.